Los Ohfishls Bowling Squad Tee

The Bowling Game Just Got OHFISHL!

So yeah... I joined a bowling league, with my cousin, brother in law and his brother in law lol. This particular league will be going to Las Vegas next year and we will be bowling for cash prizes n shit. And to be honest, I suck yo. But you know what, I have a great time. So much I just purchased my own ball and bowling shoes...yes bowling shoes. Peep these shits right here.. and they actually match the shirt pretty nicely as well wouldn’t you agree?

And I’m not gonna lie they’re pretty dope too! But anyway yeah so I decided we need some custom shirts to represent. Part of our new Sports Edition Tees this Tee will only be made available to us the actual team so if you were hoping to get one of these bad boys I have some horrible news for you, not gonna happen.

Just kidding lol, we will be producing a small run of these for anybody that wants to keep it Ohfishl in the Bowling Alley. Stay tuned for more info on a release date.




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