The New Shopify Site is Ohfishl

The Move thats already paying off!

Well, I finally did it. Finally made the move I've been putting off for a long time now. I've known for a good while that Shopify was the spot but I was more concerned with the flare, bells and whistles that Wordpress was capable of. But what I failed to see was the trade-off.
Thats what I was dealing with. Yeah Shopify costs more monthly but the features are a no brainer. True my Wordpress site was clean AF and it had all the cool sliders and pop-ups for days, but what killed me was Woo-Commerce's Checkout page. It would bounce customers around about 3 times before their checkout was complete and that alone left man a empty cart per Google Analytics. And we just can't have that..



I guess you could say that Wordpress was Android and Shopify is Apple. One you can customize the s**t out of and the other just works (lol). Not to mention all the sweet apps and things that can be done directly from my iPhone now. Before i had to do everything on a desktop or laptop, now...buddy!!! I'm excited to really get down and dirty and see what all Shopify is capable of so stay tuned, bookmark us, add us to your home screen (apple icon coming soon as i figure it out) and vibe with us as we continue to #KeepItOhfishl in 2017.



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